About Us

CanyonGear provides the sport fishing community fully customizable lures, rods and gaffs, all hand crafted and made in the USA. We also supply premium terminal tackle to ensure our customers have everything they need for an epic fishing experience. All of our lures come with a lifetime guarantee. Personalized service with professional advice, have made CanyonGear the sport fishing industry’s brand of choice. We look forward to helping you customize your fishing tackle so you can catch more fish…
There are several things we focus our business on to provide for our customers:

  • All our lures are made in the USA.
  • We provide fully customizable lures, rods and gaffs.
  • We offer fair and reasonable prices for premium custom products.
  • We treat every customer with professionalism and each order as a priority.

We are a Custom Tackle Manufacturer, giving you the customer, the ability to customize what you want and how you want it.  That is what sets us apart from the competition!

Custom Lures
You can create your own customized lures or buy our best sellers today choosing from 15 Unique lure head shapes, 12 Abalone shell head colors, 5 Double pour abalone shell head colors, 10 Holographic tape head colors, 11 Resin head colors, 2 Eye colors and 784 Skirt color combinations.

Custom Rods and Gaffs
CanyonGear offers a full range of customizable rods and gaffs. You can choose the rod type, line class, types of guides and tips, guide colors, type of butts, butt lengths, butt colors, thread  wrap colors and even your boat name to fully customize your own set of rods. We also offer a wide variety of gaffs sizes, lengths and hook styles that can be fully customizable.

Premium Terminal Tackle
CanyonGear offers a wide variety of premium  brand  name terminal tackle to ensure you have world class tackle for your big game pursuits, including line, leader, fluorocarbon leaders, hook-sets, hooks, crimps, chafe gear, beads, crimping tools, mono cutters, tackle bags and buckets.

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